Rig - #18

Viking Drilling offers a host of oilfield services to fit individual customer needs. Viking offers experienced consultation, support, and management within the oil and natural gas industry. Our experienced personnel are knowledgeable regarding all the proper environmental regulations and our network of contacts allows us to maximize jobs efficiency. We pair technologically advanced equipment with extensive industry experience to complete projects with both proficiency and cost effectiveness in a safe, environmentally conscious environment. It is the goal of Viking Drilling to be your choice provider for the following service lines:


Dirt Service and Location Construction

Drilling Services

Underbalanced Equipment and Services

Mud Logging Services


We would look forward to exceeding your expectations and are constantly in the process of upgrading our equipment to provide our customers with the best, most efficient operating equipment in the region.

Rig - #18


Rebuilt in 2010


National 610 Draw Works (1000HP) w/two Engine Compound & OWI C195-64 Torque Converters,Catheads,and SSR 28 Hydromatic Brake. 


Rig is Powered by (2)- 3406C models (490 HP each)


136 ft.  Lee C. Moore Derrick, 17’ Leg Spread Rated 400,0000 SHL on Ten Lines 5-42” Sheaves & 1-48” Fast Line Sheave Derrick Racking Board (S/N T-3356)

15 ft. high consisting of 10’H x 42”W x 44’L and 5’H x 42”W x 44’L pony sub.  Two sets of stairs & hand rails. (S/N 52R44)

Sub Base Matting Boards (6)

16' KB


250 Ton Warrior Top Drive with Accessories

Available upon customer’s request


Pump # 1: MP-1600 Triplex (EMSCO Style) with master skid engine, w/OWI  torque converter

Pump # 2: MP-1600 Triplex (EMSCO Style) with master skid engine, w/OWI  torque converter


#1 Pump CAT 3512HD 1325 HP

#2 Pump CAT 3512HD 1325 HP                                                      


Mud Pit #1: 10’W x 8’H x 38’L Sectional Dividers, Troughs, 500 BBL Capacity (S/NPD2006-6)

Mud Pit #2: 10’W x 8’H x 38’L Sectional Dividers, Troughs, 400 BBL Capacity with 100 BBL Slug

Compartment (S/N PD2006-7) with (2) Electrical Agitators & (2) 50HP Centrifugel Mixers.

1-250 BBL Premix Pit with (1) Electrical Agitator & 60HP Electric Mix Pump with Hopper


Sentry Model SRE-205, 20 ½” x 53 ¼” w/Split Master Bushing (S/N 2007-02)

190 Ton Sentry Model 170 (S/N 06842)-Swivel

SOWA Shorty/Block 250 Ton 5-Sheave 1 1/8” grooved. (S/N 3664-1)

(1) - 5¼“ OD New Square Thyssen Krupp Kelly with 6 5/8" Reg LH Box x 4½” Conn.

42"H x 5'W x 50'L-Catwalk

(6) 3' x 6'L -Suit Cases


1)- 4” 5m x 2” 5m Choke Manifold, (1)-4” x 2” 5m SWAY, (2)-4” 5m Manuals, (5)-2” 5m Manuals, (1)-2” 5m Adjustable Choke, (1)-2” 5m Positive Choke, Skid Mounted.

11”X 5000 lb. Shafer Style Double B.O.P. SK Brand (S/N 156)

11”GK 5000 lb. Hydrill (S/N 416779) 


Top Dog House:  8’W x 9’H x 32’L with Knowledge box & work benches, (4) lockers (S/N PD2006-1)

Bottom House:  11’6”W x 9’H x 40’L with lockers, bench on one end & tool room on other end (S/N PD200-2), w/Sullivan Palatax 30 HP screw type 125 PSI Air Compressor.

Mud House:  7’8”W x 9’H x 26’L with Mud Hopper & Wash Sink. (S/N PD2006-4)

Tool Pusher House:  10’x 8’x 42’L with appliances, heat/air.  Oilfield 3-Runner Skid.


Generator House:  10’W x 9’H x 40’L with two CAT 3406 275 K W SR4 CAT Generators, 3 Phase with Circuit Breakers & Panel, Curtis Rotary Screw Air Compressor 30HP Tank Mounted 125 PSI 460 Volt.  Generator House (S/N PD2006-5), Generator #1 S/N 2WB046396), Generator #2 (S/N 42R03371)


Diesel Tank:  8,000 gallon square (S/N PD2006-3)

Water Tank:  500 BBL. Square 8’W x 10’H x 32’L


(1)-Upper Kelly Valve-6 5/8 Reg Left Hand

Lower Kelly Valve X Hole Box 4 ½ IF Pin

Lower Kelly Valve 4 ½ IF Box & Pin

(1)-Dart Valve 4 ½ IF

(2)-Kelly Subs W/IF Connections W/Rubber Protectors 42”L-4 ½ IF Box & Pin

(2)-4 ½ IF Box, 4 ½ X Hole Pins, 42”L

(8)- Lift Subs W/4 ½ X Hole Pins, 36”L W/5 Neck

(1)-Bit Sub W/4 ½ X Hole Box, 4 ½ Reg. Box – 42”L

(1)-Cut 1-6 5/8 Reg Box on your 8” Bit Sub

 (1)-8” Swivel Sub W/4 ½ Reg. Box LH 6 5/8 Reg. on LH – 30”L


Drilling Line Spool


(4) sets of Laydown Racks

Bailes 96” x 2 ½” DIA. 250 Ton

(1) Set Type B Tongs with 3 ½” to 12” Jaws (S/N TEL0513-84108916)

(4)Sets of Pipe Racks

(1) Set of 5” Elevators 250 Ton

(1) Wilson T-250 5” Drill Pipe Elevator

(1) Paso Automatic Driller

(1) Weight Indicator

(2) 7'W x 30'L x 42"H, Skid Mount-Junk Basket

4-sta. 80 Gal Spherical with (1) Hydraulic Triplex and (2) Air Pumps, (1) 20HP Electric Motor Pressure Gauge, Skid Mounted (S/N 167)


12000’ 4 ½” Grade X, 16.60#, Range 2 Drill Pipe with 4 ½” XH, Tool Joints                                          

(25) 6 ¼” X 30’ L Drill Collars with 41/2 XH Conn.

(6) Sets  of 36” H X 28’ L Triangular Pipe Racks

(1) 5 1/4 Hex Kelly 40’ L


Satellite powered voice over I.P. phone connection with Internet service for rig use only

Pason EDR (Electronic Drilling Recorder). Data Hub with live updates at Operator cost.