Mud Logging Services

Mud Logging Service Equipment


2 – Full Service 8ft. x 20ft. Mud Logging Trailers complete with the following components:

Wheel Mounted Trailer

Industrial Strength HVAC System specifically designed to work on remote drilling sites

Office Work Space complete with:

   • Rack Mounts for Mud Logging System and Computers

   • Voltage Stabilizer                                                 

   • Backup Batter UPS

   • Desk work space with drawers

   • Geologist countertop complete with sink for sample washing area

Complete Bathroom

Complete Living Room and Kitchen

Sleeping Quarters equipped with one bed, closet and table



5 – Gas Detection & Chromatograph Systems complete with:

Cavitator Gas Extractor

Cavitator Motor Beater Assembly

Low Voltage Cable

 • ¼” Polyflow Tubing

¼” Mud Filters

Medical Vacuum Separators

Regulated Power Supplies