Malone Mitchell 3rd

Partner, Managing Member

Malone Mitchell serves as Partner and Managing Member for Viking Drilling. Mr. Mitchell’s responsibilities include strategic planning, financial oversight and management training. Mr. Mitchell brings 30 years of industry experience to this position with “In-Field” and Executive Management experience in all aspects of Oil and Gas Services. Mr. Mitchell has succeeded over the past three decades by maintaining a conservative capital structure, entering into projects with a long-term outlook, applying modern technologies, and attracting and retaining top employees. Mr. Mitchell remains active in the oil field service business through Viking Services which operates integrated oilfield services in Eastern Europe, Northern Middle East, and North Africa, Viking Drilling which operates 12 rigs in Midcontinent of North America, and Viking Coil Tubing. Mr. Mitchell spends a considerable amount of time annually traveling in order to be an interagal on sight presence in Viking Services.

In 1985, Mr. Mitchell founded Riata Energy, an oil & gas company, with $500 in capital. Within the first five years, Riata Energy acquired 14 smaller oil producers and completed its first successful well. In the early 1990’s, Riata expanded geographically through the purchase of assets in the Piceance Basin of Colorado and the Permian Basin of West Texas. The company implemented a vertically integrated strategy, which increased Riata’s focus on oilfield services and midstream to increase flexibility and reduce costs. Through asset purchases from several major oil and gas companies in 1991, Pakenham field was established. After drilling or re-entering 34 wells, Riata sold Pakenham field to Chevron for $97.5Mm in 1994. In 1995, Riata acquired 200,000 acres of prospective acreage in the Pinon Field and Ouachita Overthrust of West Texas. Soon after, Riata became the sole operator in the area through a purchase from FINA.

Riata began Oilfield Servise Operations in 1987. In 1997, Riata purchased its first drilling rig through Lariat Services. Over the subsequent few years, Riata expanded its rig fleet to increase exploration and development. Additionally, Riata acquired and built-out gathering systems and treating plants through its midstream services subsidiary, ROC Gas Company. In 2003, Riata purchased an initial interest in PetroSource, an integrated CO2 Company. In 2005, Riata began development of its Piceance Basin acreage. In July 2006, Tom L. Ward, co-founder of Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) acquired a controlling stake in Riata Energy for $500 million, and became the largest shareholder. Mr. Mitchell sold the majority of his remaining shareholding subsequently in 2008 and 2013.

In November 2006, Riata Energy purchased National Energy Group for $1.5 billion from an entity controlled by Carl Icahn. National Energy Group’s core assets overlapped with Riata’s core properties. Soon after, Riata’s SandRidge (NYSE: SD) Energy became the company’s new name.

In December 2006, Mr. Mitchell resigned from daily management at Riata/SandRidge. From 1985-2006, Mr. Mitchell built Riata Energy into one of the largest privately-held energy companies in the United States. Riata’s key milestones included:

(1) ’06 Revenue and EBITDA of approximately $388m and $93m, respectively
(2) 1 TCF in proved reserves
(3) 300 miles of gas gathering pipeline
(4) Greater than 34,000 horsepower of gas compression
(5) Owned or operated 43 drilling rigs
(6) Operated for Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, BP, Occidental, amongst others
(7) Largest privately-held drilling company in the U.S. and during 2006, Riata completed approximately one well per day
(8) At one point, Riata Energy owned and operated the second largest under-balanced drilling company in the world
(9) Executed the largest farm out agreement in Exxon’s history, covering approximately 200 square miles, which committed Riata to drilling 25 wells per year

With a background in Agriculture, Mr. Mitchell and his family own ranches and mineral interests through Longfellow Ranch Partners. Mr. Mitchell’s E&P efforts are carried out through Longfellow Energy and TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd (NYSE:AMEX/ TAT).Mr. Mitchell also has business interests in South America, through Laco Management and North America through Dalea Investments.

Mr. Mitchell graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Mr. Mitchell has been generous with his time and money. In August 2008, Mr. Mitchell gave Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business its largest donation and regularly returns there to speak to students. Mr. Mitchell has also established the charitable Pinon Foundation, which serves needs in West Texas, particularly focused on health and education issue areas.

Matt Hancock

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Hancock joined Viking Drilling as the Chief Financial Officer in January 2011.
Mr. Hancock’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the financial activities of the business, internal and external reporting, and investor relations.

Prior to joining Viking, Mr. Hancock worked in various roles in the accounting and finance industry. Most recently, Mr. Hancock was an advisory services consultant at Grant Thornton, one of the world’s leading public accounting firms. His financial background and experience allow him to focus on the continued development of operational efficiencies, reporting implementation, profitable asset deployment and accountability.

Mr. Hancock graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Accountancy and a Masters of Business Administration.